How Long does it take for Venmo to take Money out of your Account

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How long does it take for a Venmo payment to show up in my bank account

Short Answer: It takes around 1 to 3 business days for a Venmo payment to show up in the bank account if the user has selected Standard Transfer. However, you can instantly get the payment to show up in your bank account if you select the Instant Transfer option. But be advised, Instant Transfer requires an extra fee.

Can Venmo take money from your bank account?

Yes, Venmo can take money from your bank account. To do that, you need to select the Add Money option from the ‘Manage Balance’ section in-app options.


Well, a lot of users have a query about the time Venmo takes to get funded when money is transferred from the bank account to Venmo. If you have the same question, you can check out the answer to the query in the next part of this post.

How long does it take Venmo to take money out of your bank account?

Venmo takes 3 to 5 business days to withdraw money from the bank account.

Unlike Cash App, money transfers from the bank account to Venmo are not instant and take some time to reflect in the Venmo account. And in case you initiated the money transfer on weekends, it will take additional time.

So, if you need to transfer money to someone, you can pay using your credit card or bank account—no need to add money to your Venmo account first. But, yes, if you need to pay using your Venmo credit card, you will have to wait for around three to five business days.


To pay money to anyone else, you just need to select the payment method as either a bank account or credit card. And the money will be transferred directly from your bank account or credit card.

There are several ways to transfer money to anyone. You can choose another app for the same purpose. Cash App lets you add money from your bank to your Cash App account instantly. However, it takes around a week to add money back to the bank account.

How to add money to Venmo

  • Step 1 – Open Venmo app

To begin with, open the Venmo app on your mobile or tablet. You can continue with any Android or iOS device.

Also, you need to make sure to update your Venmo app before you proceed with the steps discussed below.

  • Step 2 – Open ‘More Options’

On the home page of the Venmo app. You will see the More Options icon in the top right corner. It is the three horizontal lines icon.

Select it to continue.

  • Step 3 – Select the ‘Manage Balance’ option

On selecting the More Options icon, you will see a list. In the starting, you will see the Manage Balance option. Select it to continue.

  • Step 4 – Select the ‘Add Money’ option

Manage Balance will redirect you to a new page. Two options will appear – Transfer to the Bank and Add Money.

Select Add Money to continue.

  • Step 5 – Add the amount

Right after you select the Add Money option. You will be asked to enter the amount that you want to transfer to Venmo. You are free to choose any amount. No restriction or limitation on that.

  • Step 6 – Select your Bank Account

After that, you will be asked to select the bank from which you want to transfer the amount. You will see multiple options if you have selected more than one bank account.

Hit Next when done with the selection.

  • Step 7 – Select Add Money to confirm

And finally, you will be asked to review your action. A pop-up window will appear. After verifying that amount and the bank, select Add Money to initiate the transfer.

And you are done. You just need to wait for the amount you entered to reflect in your Venmo account. As mentioned above, in the first part of this post, Venmo takes around 3 to 5 business days to show the amount.


1. How long does it take for Venmo to charge my bank account?

Venmo can charge your bank account instantly if you select the Instant Transfer option. This would need the user to pay a fee as well. And if there is no emergency, you can choose a standard transfer, which doesn’t need any extra fee. But, Venmo takes 1-3 business days to charge the bank account in that case.

Final Words

And we are done with the guide here. We have mentioned almost everything important for you guys to know. But, if you need any help related to the procedure, you can let us know in the comments section below.

In the guide, we first mentioned the approximate time that Venmo needs to take cash out of a bank account.

We have also mentioned a quick guide on adding money to a Venmo account to help you out with the procedure of transferring money from the bank to Venmo.

You can also find answers to several related questions, don’t forget to check them out too.

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